How To Optimize X-Pro 1 for Street Photography


While the X-Pro 1 remains on of the most beautiful and inconspicuous digital cameras on the market, there are still a few aesthetic features that can be distracting when trying to stay as stealthy as possible. I instantly noticed upon unboxing that the white on black lettering on the camera was very “out there” like it had bleached teeth. I realized there was something that needed to be done.

IMG_9985             After searching around I ordered Birchwood Casey’s Super Black Touch Up Pen in flat black. It matched the Fuji’s finish well and most importantly a q-tip of isopropyl should remove the pens marking. If you are worried it may decrease the value, it’s your choice . I received the pen through amazon and got to work. Taking the camera, I cleaned of all of the oils and debris I had hanging around. I then shook up the pen and started depressing the pen on a sheet of paper until I saw the paint coming through.  This does take a minute or so; be patient. I had a paper towel on hand a put a layer of the paint over the area, more than I needed so that it was completely filling the indentations on the shutter dial. I let this dry for around 2 minutes and then wiped of the excess paint. Just repeat this and once you get to the lens be very careful you don’t put to much as it might get into the interior mechanics. Thats a NO-NO.

IMG_9982      Although the picture may contradict me, you’ll be left will a stealthy camera and you will still have functions of the controls in available light. I highly recommend this to anyone with a black camera for street photography. Enjoy!

BUY HERE:®-Super-Black%C2%99-Touch/dp/B0000C5395/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1359238981&sr=8-1&keywords=birchwood+casey

New Tripod

Some might say I had a tripod.

I would say I had a few pieces of rusty metal, sometimes held together with some tension, with a small screw to “secure” my camera at the top. Now I am aware this is more of a street photography blog, but I do like to branch out and shoot landscape since I am so close to the beautiful east coast . I had some money gifted to me this holiday and the night of Christmas I headed to Amazon where I picked up the Manfrotto 190XPROB3 legs, and the 496RC2 ball head. Less than 48 hours later it was sitting on my door step, all with free shipping. That’s insane. Anyways, the next day we headed out to the Angel Oak to run it through its paces. Let me tell you, I can’t stress how good a feeling it is to use a sturdy, fluid tripod. No worrying about it tipping over, shaking, or coming loose; not to mention it looks pretty nice with the shiny black finish. I’m still testing it out, but so far it’s thumbs up. I would definitely recommend this as a enthusiast setup, as it is only short of $200. Please check out some of the photos from the other day.