King Street 22/2012

Hey everyone, 

Today I finally got out for some shooting as I am out until the 3rd for winter break. It is always a good feeling raising the bright optical viewfinder of the X-Pro1 to my eye. I headed to Downtown,Charleston this morning around noon ready for a good day of shooting. I stopped by CVS for a bottle of water and some Hersherys Chocolate and as I walked past the usual disposable cameras, I noticed something not so usual; they were carrying Kodak TX-400. Neat! Oh….yah….it’s 10 bucks a friggin’ roll. Overall, I had a good day of shooting on King St. and then down to the Battery; met some cool people and got some appealing photographs.Image

(These guys were diving in a HUGE dumpster on King Street, finding everything from manikins to huge rolls of green wrapping paper)


(This lady was watching as they unloaded the garbage, and I found this HILARIOUS composition. If you don’t get it, look again)Image


2 thoughts on “King Street 22/2012

  1. The photo that also serves as your banner is an interesting one. I wish, in a way that you had captured the main character (guy with the frame) in a slightly better position as obviously the frame creates an interesting juxtaposition. I also agree that the photo of the woman coming out of the shop is a funny one. Good timing, certainly.

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